Hellish weeks to come.....

We left off last where I had just taken another dose of steroids at home.... I don't know much about steroids and how they work etc,...

Tuesday, 8 August 2017

So it begins....

As the title suggests this is where I will talk about the start of my journey.

My name is Andrew (Andy to my friends), I am 26 years old and live in Norfolk, United Kingdom. Prior to my MS (Multiple Sclerosis) diagnosis, I was the typical mid 20-year-old male. I enjoyed going out with my friends and family, enjoyed a few drinks every now and then and yes sadly I am a smoker (More on that later). 

I worked a typical day job handling insurance claims and also volunteered for an organisation that involved doing things much too fun and dangerous to describe here.

Before I go into how it all started for me, I just want to clarify prior to my diagnosis I was a healthy man (bar the occasional man-flu) so I was fairly used to just cracking on with life, doing the usual day-to-day chores/jobs and generally enjoying life.

It all started in October 2016, I was at one of my regular pool games (I play every Monday and Thursday evening in a pool league). Now, it was an average pool evening, I'm not the greatest player around but I certainly have improved over the years and made some good friends from it. So, I am at the pool table, enjoying myself, having my usual non-alcoholic drink (thanks to driving), when suddenly out of the blue it felt like someone had stabbed me in the head. The pain was something I had never experienced before in my life and I couldn't help myself but sit down, exactly where I was and clutch my head. I immediately decided it was a good idea to head home.

So, I get home and straight away head to my room with a drink and painkillers. Usually, when I get home from a pool night, I would check out my favourite YouTubers new videos on my iPad and just relax, however, that evening any light or noise just made me feel physically sick.

Roll on the next morning... and I am fine, the headache has disappeared and it felt like nothing had happened the night prior so naturally, I thought "Ah... just a migraine, pick up ya feet and crack on!"

My day job was to basically investigate claims from "Non-Fault" Insurers in accidents against "At-Fault" insurers and make sure that what they are claiming is what they did to their client's vehicle and to the cost claimed. So being the 21st century it's purely computer based.I loved my job. It involved concentration, negotiating and investigating and these were some of my favourite things to do but following that headache, I started noticing errors. Not just your average typos but errors that would make your Year 7 ICT teacher cringe on top of errors in judgement. Things didn't seem right. I decided it was time to see if there was something more serious at play here. 

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