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We left off last where I had just taken another dose of steroids at home.... I don't know much about steroids and how they work etc,...

Thursday, 17 August 2017

The case was afoot!

The case was afoot!

Following where we left off, I was getting some concerning symptoms and, at the time, nothing that explained it. I did the sensible thing that anyone would do and I decided to visit my doctors. 

I went through the usual rigmarole of booking an appointment as everyone you have to get past the gatekeepers of the appointment diary... The receptionists. Now I have no issue with them personally, however, I do have an issue with them all the questions under the sun when they are not medically (or triage) trained.

Once 20 questions were finished I got my appointment, a doctor I hadn't heard of (I had been a patient at the same surgery since birth). This didn't concern me as you just trust in their judgement. A few days passed and my appointment had arrived. The Wednesday came and I promptly got to my doctor's surgery and sat patiently amongst the coughing and spluttering with a general feeling of there was nothing to be concerned about. I went in when called and gave all my concerns about my symptoms with my typing and judgement errors. My doctor took my blood pressure (unusually high for me) and then proceeded to check my reflexes (which I found unusual) and gave that concerning "Hmmm..." which instantly had my overthinking. Being the practical and doctor she seemed to be she advised that she was going to refer me to a neurologist at the hospital and I would hear from them by Monday. Confused as to why I was being referred I asked what was it for. My doctor advised that I had increased reflexes on one side and decreased on the other (that meant nothing to me) I did the standard "Ah ok... *Nod* " as if to say I understood. 

I left the doctors in a rather bemused state not being quite sure about what was happening but thought that if it was anything more serious they would have perhaps sent me to the hospital, little did I know, the moment I walked through my front door, I got a call. The same doctor I had just left. Without the usual introductions and pleasantries, you would generally expect she advised that she had spoken to the on call Neurologist Registrar (someone who deals with urgent queries and referrals on that chosen day) and was advised that I needed to go to the hospital a.s.a.p, no explanation just "The neurologist registrar wants to see you now, in the neurology department at the N&N.

I quickly grabbed my wallet and keys and jumped into my clapped out Toyota Corolla and made my way there, definitely worried and smoking like an absolute chimney in the car. Bear in mind at the time I lived 15 minutes away from the hospital, I must have smoked 4-5 cigarettes on that journey alone. 

So I got to the hospital, parked up and made my way inside the maze of corridors and was shown straight into the neurologist's office where I met a middle age gentleman who confirmed who he was and went over the information I had given to my doctor. He did the same tests my doctor had done, blood pressure being higher (unsurprisingly) and my reflexes showing the same concerning signs as before. The neurologist said "I'm afraid you're going to have to stay in tonight, we need an urgent MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) scan and there is a possibility you're having a stroke".

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