Hellish weeks to come.....

We left off last where I had just taken another dose of steroids at home.... I don't know much about steroids and how they work etc,...

Friday, 1 September 2017

The foot is not a foot...

                  So we last left off with the registrar neurologist wanting an urgent MRI. Needless to say, this scared the crap out of me.

                  My father works at the hospital and has done for many years. Naturally, under this situation, I called him to let him know that I was in the hospital and what was happening, he was unsurprisingly confused at the whole situation and just told me to let him know what was happening and to stay as calm as I could.

                 The neurologist arranged for me to go onto a ward (don't ask me the name of it, I can barely remember what I did last week) but needless to say it all started to feel a bit surreal and frightening. Luckily the ward I was sent too had the most incredible Sister in charge. She took me to a side room to wait for them to sort out my bed for the night. I had been sent to what was a neurology ward, it had lots of different patients but mainly of the older generation suffering from things such as dementia and Parkinsons who needed care within a hospital, because of this and the various conditions they were suffering from, sadly they were making a lot of noise (it didn't make me uncomfortable but it makes sense for what comes next). The sister decided, because I was about 50 years younger than their youngest patient, that it would be more suitable for me to be away and in a side room which was the first time ever I've been in that situation but was very touched by the consideration. During my waiting for my room, I called my mum, absolute salt of the earth she is, and she made her way to the hospital with a few overnight essentials (iPad, pyjamas, fresh underwear etc) she arrived right about when I was going into my room. 

               I had basically settled down in my room, had gotten comfy and they came along to take my for my MRI scan, I've had one before for various injuries in the past but never on my brain so I was quite interested in how different it was. They wheeled me down to the MRI room (guess they didn't want me to get lost?). Now for anyone who has never been in an MRI machine I can only describe it as basically a ridiculously strong magnet in the shape of a tube which, coincidently, is the perfect size for you to be slid into. You get placed on, what is essentially a motorized stretcher, with a bracket around your head to keep it still (you have headphones on for some music) and you have to just sit patiently, wait and stay as perfectly still as you can (harder than it seems) an hour went past, with some absolute classics on the headphones (David Bowie, Billy Ocean... yes.. I am that sad). I was wheeled back to my room and prepared for a long night. 

             7 am came quicker than expected but it felt like I hadn't slept at all. Along came my breakfast a really lovely bit of toast with marmite and some orange juice. About 10 am the consultant came in, to say I was apprehensive was an understatement. He advised that I had some lesions (scars on the white matter of the brain). I had absolutely no clue what that meant, but he advised that it meant that there was a very high chance of me having MS but to confirm they would need to perform a Lumbar Puncture later on that day. 

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