Hellish weeks to come.....

We left off last where I had just taken another dose of steroids at home.... I don't know much about steroids and how they work etc,...

Monday, 19 February 2018

The Investigation is complete, but what next.....

Hello All,

Sorry for not having posted in a while, have been adjusting to new meds and some family troubles. Hopefully back on track now.

So we last left off with the lovely, not so lovely, nurse and being sent home in a wheelchair.

Needless to say, leaving the hospital in a wheelchair after arriving feeling pretty much fine was a bit of a wake-up call. Mum was being her usual loving and caring self, being an ex-nurse definitely helped with what started happening next.

To say I felt drowsy was an understatement, it felt like I had been out drinking all day and had been collected after creating some sort of pavement artwork. I was dizzy, confused, and really not quite sure what was happening to me.

So we got home. I had to climb the stairs to get to my room to lay down. At the time we lived in a terraced house, the typical small rooms kind of place with stairs that would challenge even the most confident of climbers. So I slowly made my way up the stairs to my room, doing so whilst going backward on my ass because standing up was really not an option at this time. I went to my bed and with a sigh of relief, I thought "Finally... I can get some sleep". Oh was I so wrong.

As I laid down to attempt to sleep the room started spinning as if I was on one of those swing rides at a theme park. I was literally clinging on to my bed to stop myself being flung off. My mum, bless her, reassured me that I was not going to fall off and to try and get some sleep. I'm still not quite sure how long it was before I did nod off but it seemed like an age at the time.

The next day, about 2pm when I actually woke up my mum came into my room to say that it was time for me to take my next dose of steroids, luckily these were in tablet form. Unluckily they still tasted like pure evil and because they were so small and dusty they started to dissolve in my mouth. I had to spit it out, my mum said to hold on and she would figure something out.

Time passed (I still wasn't able to judge how fast or slow time was going in my head) and mum came back upstairs. This genius woman had got some of the gel capsules that some medication comes in, had ground up the tablet and put it in them so I could easily take them. What an absolute godsend!

I took my tablet with no issue whatsoever, failing to realize the effect it would take on me.

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